gloomy day

Posted by edmond on April 14, 2016 at 12:00 PM

hey lovers!

yesterday night, while i was typing my blog, i was quite surprised not to be visited by madame duval because she usually starts visiting at those times  but yesterday night, nothing... even when dinner was served, you usually hear through the door, the waitress saying to madame duval to go back to her room and that her dinner will be soon served but still nothing... after dinner, we had our sleeping pills and i asked if something had happened to her and the nurse told me she had been transfered to a more appropriate hospital because here was defintely not the place she belonged to. i must say i was feeling happy-sad by learning this. i hope that they'll be able to take better care of her wherever she's been sent to. anyway, it meant also that i would be able to sleep without worrying about any interruption during the night or the morning.

this morning, i woke with a gloomy mood. the weather was the exact reflection of my mood, grey, cloudy and rainy. i had breakfast and went back to bed just to spare time playing the sailor moon drops game on my phone and then had a short nap. the psychiatrist came and was quite surprised to find me in my bed because i'm usually really active and am always doing something (working out or on the computer). i explained to him that i felt gloomy and not really up for anything at all today. it's not that i'm feeling sad or anything, i said, but i just don't fancy doing anything at all. i contacted my mum to let her know how i was feeling and that because of the weather i was really not in the mood for going outside and that she could come over and we could watch a movie together as it was rainy.

i had lunch and went back to bed until i was woken up by my mum who arrived. we watched the movie called "her". i had already watched it once and i kind of liked it. i wanted to show it to my mother so that we could talk about it afterwards because it's a kind of science fiction movie but, we're getting closer and closer to this reality nowadays and i guess that in some years from now, everybody will have a "samantha". here's the trailer of it :

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after that, we did a little bit of a crossword we started together some days ago and then she went back home. i just had dinner now. i have no particular plan for tonight. i'm not even thinking about checking on my timetable what i was supposed to do because i'm sure i won't be feeling like doing it lol sooooooooooooo lazy hahaha feels like a sunday

have all a beautiful thursday!

chu ;)

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