Posted by edmond on April 15, 2016 at 12:10 PM

hey lovers,

as i thought, i just spent time doing nothing at all yesterday night after dinner. i just played sailor moon drops and cookie run and went to bed quite late (around midnight).

this morning, the sun came back to visit us though it was supposed to be the same kind of weather like yesterday, i was so happy it wasn't the case! i had breakfast and did my abs session, then worked on my community manager stuff (when i say that, it means that i check the analytics of all the social reds i'm in like facebook, youtube etc and write down the results of the week on a notebook). today, i had to do the double of the community management work as i did nothing the day before but it was quite OK as i was full of energy so i was doing it quite fast.

i then had lunch and had a little nap before going out for my third day out alone! first, i had planned to meet with a friend of mine called david (he came to visit here last week) but he finally had to cancel so i decided to go to the bretagne museum in the center. they had a temporary exhibition with an interesting topic "drinking" (which is the tiele of this blog this blog in french "boire") and i was quite curious to check it out!

i started by visiting the bretagne museum itself and watched quite an interesting documentary about the evolution of the breton (the regional language we have here in bretagne). the museum itself was, as its name indicates it, about the history of bretagne. there was a big stone with stuff written on it and i liked it so i took a picture of it. here it is :

don't ask what is wrtten on it or the period it was made because i didn't even check it. i just liked it so i took a pic of it and that's it lol

after that, i went to visit the temporary exhibition and it was really interesting! it was about the evolution of the way you see the "drinking" fact. before, it was actually seen like something good for health and i took some pics of advertisments that looked really hilarious if we compare them to the one we have nowadays about alcohol! (sorry, it's written in french!)

translation : beer is nourishing (on the left : this one drinks beer, on the right : this one doesn't)

this kind of ad would be totally prohibited nowadays. i think this exhibition was really interesting in this way and if you're living in rennes or next to this city, you should go and check it out ;)

after that, i went home but my mum was out for grocery shopping. as we had the new internet connection installed i checked it out and updated everything on the new wifi we have at home. i also checked the TV because now we have like 250 different channels and a lot of new options so i was trying to figure out how everything was working. my mum arrived later, we chatted a bit and then came back here at the hospital.

tomorrow, i should be out for all day and on sunday too! can't wait! i have already planned to go back to the all-you-can-eat chinese restaurant tomorrow for lunch! i just loooooooooooove it!

have all a tremendous weekend!

sweet kisses!

chu ;)

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