le puits

Posted by edmond on April 18, 2016 at 12:05 PM

hey lovers!

how was your weekend? i must say i really had a great one!

on saturday, my mum came to pick me up here, we went home first then went to the all-you-can-eat chinese restaurant and had a food overdose hahaha it was sooooooooooooooo nice! i so miss eating facing someone and not a wall and i just can't wait for the weekend so that i have the chance to eat with my mum just in front of me! after that, we went back home and spent the afternoon watching series (empire and shameless US). i had brought my laptop with me so that i could download some stuff because i had an idea about a new music video for a song called "paradisco". i made the first try on saturday night and the result is exactly what i had in mind! now, i have to make a coherent montage but the idea is here and is on its way!

on sunday, mum came here to pick me up at 10 am and we went for a day in a city by the sea called saint-malo! of course, i took some pics and you can check them HERE. the weather was quite cold but sunny so it was OK! we had lunch in a nice restaurant. i had a salmon salad and a big steak with french fries! it was just delicious! as for dessert, i had what's called a "poire belle helene". it's a pear with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate topping. it was sooooooooo delicious! after that, we even rode the little train they have there and learnt about the history of the city. i didn't know that one guy from saint-malo actually discovered canada! we took the car back to rennes around 4pm because, as it was the end of the school holidays, we got scared to get stuck in a traffic jam and not to be able to arrive on time but finally, we had no issue regarding this. we came back here at the hospital directly around 5pm and i showed her one documentary that was quite hilarious about a french fan of mylene farmer who was sure that she was about to marry him. we couldn't stop laughing :D after that, she went back home and left me here. dinner got served but i wasn't really hungry after all that i ate during lunch and in the afternoon (i ate a giant donut filled with nutella and, around 6pm, i also ate a kouign amann that we bought in saint- malo - a kouign amann is a bretgane speciality cake made basically out of salt butter lol - knowing that dinner is served here at 6.30pm every night XD). at night, i got a call from my friend david who wanted to get some news about me. i was feeling really happy that he called just for that! we should meet this week normally.

this morning, when i woke up, i was feeling quite tensed because i knew i finally had my appointment with the psychologist at 9.30am and i had so many stuff i had to talk about. i was so streesed that i didn't even do my workout. i just had a shower and went there. the appointment went really well and i finally had the chance to express myself about all that's been happening lately. after that, i thought i would feel relieved but it was all the contarary. everything that i was trying to keep under control until now just appeared again so i decided that it would be better for me to stay here in the afternoon and take time for myself to think about all of this. i decided to follow her advice and started writing about my feelings. this is what explains the title of this blog "le puits" (the well) because it's the first text i wrote. it's been really painful to write down all these feelings i had inside and show me with no mask at all. i showed the text to aram and my friend arnaud and aram even told me i should turn it into a song. i still don't know as it's a draft of my feelings and that, in the state it is for the moment, it just can't be lyrics for a song. maybe, i'll rework it later so that it becomes a song... here's the draft i wrote (in french mostly) :

i also wrote another text about the fact that love that i was feeling was ending up killing me, litteraly speaking. i think i'll have to keep on with this pace and continue writing and finally put words to everything that i'm feeling inside. it'll be my exutory. angel cloud sent me a text this afternoon, to say that he was sorry not to have contacted me earlier and that he hoped i was doing well. i didn't even answer to it and i won't. i'm just not ready for this right now.

anyway, let's move on to the next step : shout it out and rebuild!

have all a wonderful week!

sweet kisses

chu ;)

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