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Posted by edmond on April 20, 2016 at 11:35 AM

hey lovers,

this morning i was feeling quite tired because i was finally able to fall asleep quite late (past midnight). i had breakfast and the psychiatrist came to visit. i told him that yesterday and the day before yesterday i was overthinking so he told me that it would be better for me to relax today and spend my energy on something elese so after he left i started my workout routine and did 3 sessions (as i didn't work out on monday and tuesday). i was feeling really better after that. i took a long shower, took care of me with beauty creams and masks. after that, i did my community management work and it was already time for lunch.

after lunch, i had a really short nap and went to the nursery to get my paper so i could go out. i had to go back home today because there were my niece and nephew there. it's actually been more than a month since the last time i had seen my nephew and i was feeling quite excited to have the chance to see his pretty face again! when i went out of the hospital, i decided to take the bus to go home but there was a strike again and they were blocking the access to the bus XD i just ran until republique station and took the bus from there. i arrived and my niece was still there (she had to go at 2.30pm, because she had a badmington lesson). i was really happy to see her even if it was just for a short time. my nephew was not feeling good so my mum decided that it would be better that he stayed home instead of going to his basketball lesson. i must say i was happy that he could stay longer with me :) we couldn't talk a lot because he's from this new generation always stuck on their tablets. anyway, it was nice to play with him and share some moments hehe

i realized quite late that i had forgotten to connect my phone to the wireless that we have at home and when i did it started launching a bunch of updates for most of my applications i have installed! it was taking ages and i was seeing the time flying away so i asked my mum if she could bring me back to the hospital to be sure i wouldn't arrive late.

we went back here by car and i played the playlist i have for my nephew on my phone. we had a lot of fun because the three of us were singing together children songs!

after entering my room, i just turned on my vaio and started writing this blog. i'm feeling really happy to have met with my family and can't wait for the next time i'll see my niece and nephew again!

tomorrow, i don't know exactly when i upload my blog because i have an appointment with the psychologist at 3.30pm and i know for sure it's going to be really intense so i don't know if i have the strength to type something tomorrow or not. let's wait and see...

have all a beautiful wednesday!

chu ;)

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