la pluie battante en plein été

Posted by edmond on May 2, 2016 at 2:05 PM

hey lovers!

how have you been? sorry i wasn't posting anything lately on the blog but i've been really busy.

since last week, we agreed with the psychiatrist to lower the dosis of my daily medication so my mood was quite unstable and it still is. i'm fighting the best that i can so that i can finally get out of here in two weeks (that's the plan).

so yes, this will mean that for the release of my new single, i'll still be here! it's kind of strange when i think about it... i recorded, produced and released a single in a psychiatric hospital! this, for sure, is quite unusual for a singer i guess! hahaha

like i said, i was really busy because it took me a long time before i was finally able to record the vocals of "la pluie battante en plein été". not because i couldn't remember the lyrics (which is usually my problem with my songs lol) but because this is the very first time that i unveil myself that much. i really had the impression i was in the nude among a big audience. furthermore, as the lyrics touched me so deeply it was really hard for me to sing it entirely without starting to cry and you could hear it in my voice that was trembling.

one morning though, after the appointment with the psychologist, i finally decided to try to focus and record it once for good. i started recording and all the vocals just came naturally in a row. usually, it takes me a lot of time and i record many times different vocals until i can get the real sensation and feeling i want to give to the song but, this time, it all came in just one recording. the first, the best, the real one. after recording it, i was feeling both excited and sad because it was like something had died inside of me.

when i edited the vocals, i decided not to add effects as i usually do because i wanted it to be like in the circumstances i recorded it: natural and flowing. i just added reverb and that's it. many friends told me that it was nice to finally be able to catch clearly what i was singing hahaha i know, it's true that i have this (bad?) habit to always cover my voice behind a ton of effects. maybe, it's because i was always feeling unsure of myself and what i was capable of. this song made me realized that i was able to make a great song without adding so many effects. i wanted to be true to myself and to you all and i think that when you listen to it entirely, you'll get what i mean :)

last weekend, i asked aram to work on the cover of the digital single and he had it done on just one day! usually, we take a lot of time discussing about many possibilities but this time, i already had the image in mind so it was a lot more easier for him to do it. he showed me 10 different versions of the cover and i instantly feel in love with one. just to be sure, i checked again and ask my mum what she thought about the covers and she chose the same one as me! what do you think? do you like it?

i had some issues with the title of the song because i wanted both the japanese and french titles to appear on the mp3 but i've been told that this was impossible on itunes so i finally opted for keeping the japanese title and put the japanese and french titles on the cover only. you'll notice also that i didn't even put my name on the cover this time. i think that as i already appear on the cover it was useless to add it...

so far, i just had time to make a trailer of what will be released on the 10th of may and" target="_blank">here it is :

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this is the final cut of the song. if you think some friends might like it, don't hesitate to share it ;) i'm not sure if i'll be doing a music video for it or not. as i'll still be here, it's going to be hard XD

tonight, i watched the new episode of sailor moon crystal! i so love it! if you haven't watched this new version of sailor moon, i highly recommend you to watch it asap! it's just great! and actually, this season, is my favourite of all the sailor moon seasons!!!

here's the first ending of this new season and i really love the images on it, it's sooooooooooooooooooo romantic!!! LOVE it!

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have all a wonderful week!

i'll try my best to update this blog as often as i can, i promise!

sweet strawberry kisses!

chu ;)

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