Posted by edmond on May 3, 2016 at 11:50 AM

hey lovers!

this morning, i decided to start back the workout that i had to skip last week as i was really busy! i must admit that this is exactly what i was missing to feel better in the morning and to feel ready to go! after that, i worked on the community management stuff and then i finally finished the exam i stayed stuck on for weeks and sent it for correction. i really had to finish it because i couldn't go further in the course because of that. when you send your exam for correction, it is actually corrected by other students and you also have to correct three exams from other students so that they give yours to be corrected. unfortunately, there was just two exams available for correction so mine has still not be sent. i'll check later if another exam has been sent...

this afternoon, my mum came to visit and then we went to the center because i had some administrative tasks left undone. we went there to give out the papers they needed and walked around and did some window shopping. i was actually looking for a sailor t-shirt as it seems to be the fashion of this season but found that they were quite expensive when i could find one model that was as i wanted it to be... finally, i found one but it's not a t-shirt. it's a sweater. anyway, i kind of like it. i was quite disappointed because after that, we went to another shop and they had just the perfect sailor t-shirt as i dreamt of but it was too late (maybe i'll come back to buy it because it was cheap hehehe). then, we went to a perfume shop and i bought a box containing a perfume and a shower gel of a perfume i've been wanting to buy for quite a while. it's "l'homme ideal" by guerlain. maybe, you smelled it? i sooooooooooooooooooo love it! my mum was going crazy seeing me spending my money but as i'm here in the hospital all day long, i don't spend money at all so i can permit myself to get me some "presents" when i feel the need for it! anyway, the box was really affordable and there was a discount of 25% so i really couldn't miss this chance to finally get it hahaha

we came back here around 5pm, chatted a bit and then she left for going back home. this week, i didn't make any timetable but i'll stick to the one i did last week as all my plans were changed so i still have a lot left to do from last week! i think i'll keep on working on the two other music videos i've been editing and maybe think about a way to make something for "la pluie battante en plein ete"... it'll be released next week!!! i really can't wait to share it with you all!

have all a glamorous tuesday!

chu ;)

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