the moon is raining

Posted by edmond on May 10, 2016 at 1:00 PM

hey lovers!

how have you been? i was busy with the release of my new single that's why i didn't have time to post anything new lately. i've been doing a lot more better lately and the psychiatrist even told me i should be out of this clinic by the end of this week or the beginning of the next one! i'm starting to feel fed up to be here and can't wait to get back my freedom! i just wanna enjoy doing simple things like going out with my friends again! oh goooooooooooooooooood! it's been ages i'm here! at the beginning, they told me i would stay here just three weeks maximum and i'm still here since the 27th of march XD

so yes, the new single "真夏の通り雨 ~ la pluie battante en plein été" has been released today and it seems that you like it so far! i'm so glad to finally be able to share it with you all! there are still some issues because it hasn't yet been released on iTunes but it's available on all other digital stores (amazon, google music etc). i just checked and it seems that it's available on apple music japan but i can't access to it... i'll check again tomorrow... here are all the links i got so far to download it :

Amazon JP :

Amazon US :

Amazon FR :

Amazon ES :

Google Music :真夏の通り雨?id=Bmdcoihkrwnqvz5vdxsnfd54qqi

as for the music video, i also published it today too at 12am (paris time). this is what actually explains the title of this post "the moon is raining". if you haven't watched it," target="_blank">here it is :

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i also added subtitiles in french, spanish (thanks to aram for the corrections) and english (thanks to manni perez for the corrections). i wasn't sure i would have time to finalize it before the release date but i finally could make it on time! i'm feeling so proud because it's exactly the image i had in my head :) now, i guess you understand why i was talking about the raining moon lol

this afternoon, my mum came here to visit and we went in the center to have a drink on a terrace (i had a delicious strawberry juice :p)

the weather was really sunny and hot this afternoon though this morning was all rainy and cloudy. it was really strange today as for the weather because right now it's raining again... well, it's bretagne hahaha we always have this kind of weather! i've been told by my friends in barcelona that the weather is horrible there lately and it won't stop raining XD i guess it was the perfect day to release this single as the title means "the pouring rain in midsummer" lol 

let's hope that the weather will be sunny tomorrow!

have all a beautiful tuesday!

chu ;)

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