Posted by edmond on May 11, 2016 at 1:30 PM

hey lovers!

how was your day?

mine wasn't that bad at all. this morning, i saw my psychiatrist again and he confirmed me that i seemed to handle very well the fact that he lowered the medication i was given so i'll be able to check out off the clinic by the end of this week! yesterday night, i posted an ad on instagram and i spent all day replying to all the likes i got (so far, i reached 324 likes!). yes, when you're an unknown artist, you don't only have to sing a song and release it but after you have to take care of everything like the promotion and stuff and i can assure you that it is a load of work to do! i wish i had a manager to take care of all this but i must say it was quite nice because i met new people from all around the world and especially japan and it was a real pleasure for me to be able to speak japanese with them and discover their everyday life! i sooooooooooooooooo miss the life i had there in tokyo years ago! i wish i had the chance to go back there one day!

i also checked on iTunes and the single was finally released! you can get it" target="_blank">here. it was available just a few minutes after i posted yesterday's blog. i was so surprised this morning when i checked again to see that it's already number one of all my sellings on iTunes japan!!! i really couldn't believe it because it happened in less than one day!!!

i even called my mum right after just to share the happy news with her! she was feeling so proud of me :)

this afternoon, i had to go for some administrative tasks so my mum came there with me and after we went to a mall which is not so far away from the administrative office. when we passed by, we saw that there was an advertisment for an audition to become a model for a clothes shop chainstore. my mum convinced me to go and check how it was working. i just stopped and one girl who was in charge told me that i could apply at 3.30pm. we went to mc donald's for a sundae and went back there. it wasn't making part of my plan to have an audition today but i must say i did quite a good impression. i said i was a singer and when they asked me if i had any experience as a model, i just replied that i used to be a model when i was living in tokyo. they took some pics and i was out. my mum was waiting for me at a terrace nearby. we'll see if i get any chance... i must say it was quite strange because it's been ages i didn't work as a model but, as i was saying to them while the audition, as a singer, you also to have to do a lot of promotion pictures so i was kind of used to be in front of a camera. we'll see if they contact me back. anyway, it was nice because i wasn't feeling stressed at all as it wasn't planned. i'm soooooooo different from the person i used to be before. i hardly recognize me sometimes but i love it so much more this way! my life became so much easier!

after, we came back here at the clinic and my mum went back home as she knew i still had plenty of work to do replying to each and everyone on instagram. i know it's kind of crazy to do it like that but i really love human connection and it's always a pleasure to chat with new people and discover new horizons!

have all a gorgeous wednesday!

chu ;)

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