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Posted by edmond on May 16, 2016 at 2:20 PM

hey lovers!

today is my last day here in the clinic. i'll finally be out of here tomorrow! i'm so glad and i really can't wait to finally enjoy getting back my freedom! thinking back, i realized that it'll be almost two months i spent here (i checked in on the 27th of march). this afternoon, as it's a free day in france, i had an entire day out so we went home with my mum. we were thinking about going for a walk in a park but as the weather was quite irregular, we decided to stay home watching series. she came back here with me by foot because she complained that she'll be missing everyday that she was coming walking because it was a nice opportunity to walk a bit everyday.

i had dinner and watched the new sailor moon crystal episode! i soooooooooooooo love this season! so far, i wasn't a big fan of the new ending theme they had put instead of the one with uranus and neptune but i kind of liked it finally!" target="_blank">here it is :

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tomorrow morning i'll have to empty my room by 11am. after that, i'll be free to go out and come back at 6pm to get all my stuff back. it's kind of strange but i feel nostalgic. i know it should be associated to all the pain and hurt i've been through but i also met some nice people here and i'm glad in a way to have come here. i'm also glad to have come here because i have finally been able to solve all the problems i had inside and i'm feeling so proud of the new edmond who's born!

last week, my new single "真夏の通り雨 - la pluie battante en plein été" was released and it's getting a lot of attention as it's already become number one in japan and in france as my best sold song ever! i am sooooooooooooo happy! i mean, for japan, it happened just half a day after its release and for france, three days after! for the moment, i still don't know what it actually represents as i get the reports of my sellings after two months. i thought that no other song could take the place of the everlasting number one "bang bang" but it finally happened! i still haven't planned the dates for the releases of the two more maxi singles and the full album. i think i'll be working on it this week...

last week, i kept on with my instagram advertisment and met a lot of japanese people! it's such a pleasure to chat with them and have the chance to speak japanese again! i would love to go back there again one day!

have all a wonderful week!

chu ;)

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