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Posted by edmond on November 29, 2016 at 6:30 PM

hey lovers!

i've been so busy lately that i didn't have time to update my blog so you must be wondering what have been happening!

if the title of this blog is "last night", it's because i'll be leaving rennes tomorrow morning. my mum was struggling with the money because she had to pay for both the flat here in rennes and the house of my grand-parents in fort-bloque that's why she decided to move to fort-bloque. this doesn't mean that i'll follow her because i met someone since last august and i'll move to his place from tomorrow. i'll be living in a small village called "guemene penfao" in loire-atlantique. it's kind of strange to me to imagine that i'll be leaving the britain area! i mean, i was born here and have always been very proud of my roots so i feel quite ashamed to move to another area... we don't plan on staying there for ever but that's the best option we have for the moment. next year, we'll be moving to a city. maybe rennes, maybe nantes, maybe bordeaux. we still don't know for the moment.

as for my french lessons, it's taking a good shape and now i have more than 10 regular students. i really love this job and feel so glad to have finally found a job that fulfills me. i have the chance everyday to meet  people around the world and, though i'm in my living room, i have the sensation to be travelling all around the world! that's also why i don't really care about living in a village or in a big town because all i need for the moment is a good connection to internet so that i can work properly haha

since my last update, my new maxi single was also released! "in this town" is already number one on my spotify profile so i guess that my lovers really like it! i'm feeling so thanful for it! some of you must have understood by watching the music videos that there was a beginning and an end to my latest album "reborn". the first single's MV "真夏の通り雨" was starting with the rain on a flower

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and the new one of "in this town" is also about flowers but instead of blooming, they're doing the contrary, calling the end of this "reborn" adventure.

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i really hope you liked this album and will keep on showing me support for the music i make. i must confess that lately, i absolutely have no time to work on my music but i hope that as soon as everything's in order with my job, i'll be able to have more free time and get back to my other passion, the music!

this time, i won't promise that i'll try my best to update more often this blog because i know it's a promise i can't make for the time being. anyway, everytime i make updates here, i leave a message on facebook and twitter so that you'll always be aware of any news coming.

have all a wonderful week and see you really soon!


chu ;)

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