2017 - crystal project

to celebrate the 15th anniversary of edoprod, a digital single will be released on the 31st of October 2017 entitled "imawa no shinigami".

a brand new album entitled "unreleased" is also released on the 20th of december 2017 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of edoprod as well as a promotion video for the single "queen of the dance floor".

2016 - reborn

edmond decided to release a french cover of the song "manatsu no toori ame" on the 10th of may and it'll be the first single from the new forthcoming album "reborn".

another maxi digital single "paradisco" is released on the 21st of june. it's a 10-track maxi single with previously unreleased songs and new remixes.

the new album "reborn" will be released on the 6th of september celebrating edmond's birthday

a second maxi single will be released on the 10th of november "in this town". it'll also be a 10-track maxi single with previously unreleased songs and new remixes.

2015 - new album in progress

edmond came back to live in France since summer 2014 and started working on a new album. the new album should be released in spring 2016. two singles will be released for the promotion of this forthcoming album.

2014 - La neige en plein ete

a brand new album album entitled "la neige en plein ete (the snow in full summer) is released on the 14th of february 2014. it is both available in CD format w/ lyrics inside the booklet and the MP3 version.

edmond won again the Barcelona French Awards as best artist of the year.

he also had an interview with RightOutTV that is available on their page.

the single "amour d'hiver is already top 2 in spotify as most listened just one week after its release.



2013- 2013 editions


a new edition of the debut album "outrageous" will be released on the 9th of december worldwide in digital format as well as two maxi singles of both "back in club" and "strawberry".  edmond spent the year working on the project of a new album and still working on it. it should be released next year.

2012- Live and pop


The concert in Sala Razzmatazz, named "Live and pop" is released on the 6th of september on iTunes and in DVD. This year, Edmond got voted best artist for the Barcelona French Awards.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Edoprod a triple album will be released on the 20th of december 2012 containing 30 exclusive remixes and unreleased tracks (in paris adventures, in outrageous adventures, in love and pop adventures).

The promotion single to be released is "to the top".


2011 - Roller coaster/Love and pop

The new digital single "roller coaster" is released on the 31st of January and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

A second album "love and pop" is released in MP3version on the 6th of august (iTunes) and the CD version on the 24th (CD baby). On november, the 6th, he has a concert in Sala Razzmatazz, the biggest electro club in Barcelona and wins the prize of the best performance judged by the audience.

2010 - Outrageous

The debut album "Outrageous" has been released on the 10th February 2010. A new edition has been released in 2013.

A new digital single ,"i'll be there", is released on the first of december.

2009 - Released digital singles officially on sale

From the 13th of June the first official debut single of Edmond is on sale. This maxi includes 6 tracks and is entitled "Back in Club MAXI Single". A 2013 edition is available with 16 tracks.

The second single to be released is "Strawberry" on the 11th November 2009.The 2013 edition is also a 16-track maxi single.

2008 - Retroactive

Then in 2008 on 15th November sees him make a new release only on Myspace, the single "Retroactive". There are 5 titles, including one exclusive remix of "Strawberry" and a version of a BoA's song: "Diamond Heart" (title produced by a friend of Edmond, Nukes).

2007 - 666

On 24th March a new album "666" is released (referring to the satanic number and to one of Hyde's albums). This album is meant to be retrospective in order to introduce the cosmopolitan audience of Barcelona to his previous titles. It also includes new titles such as a version of "I wish I didn't miss you anymore" originally sung by Angie Stone. The 8th October sees him release a new single on Myspace entitled "Desconocido" only available on this webpage.

2006 - Strawberry

At the end of 2005 Edmond arrives in Barcelona, Spain. On 3rd March 2006 he releases a Myspace-only available single: "No entiendo" (the first song written in Spanish by Edmond). A French version is also published on the same single: "Je ne comprends pas".
On 14th July he achieves success with one of his biggest hit singles; "Strawberry" from the single "XS single VIP edition". The audience is amazed with the new music video made with MS Paint for his "kawaii" world. In this year Edmond goes back on stage for 3 concerts in Barcelona. The first live at La Casa Pluto is even officially released on Myspace. This will follow a second concert at the same place and then another in the bar Barrio Candela. This becomes an occasion where Edmond discovers a new enthusiastic audience.

2005- Free

On 2nd July a new single is released: "B Human". It's on the limited edition (12 titles) where you will encounter the first version of Edmond singing "Bang Bang", originally sung by Nancy Sinatra. Two versions of the music videos were made: one in 2005 and another one in 2007. Only the first version will go on to be released officially on Youtube.
Before leaving France definitively, Edmond releases his latest album including 21 titles: "Free" in limited edition with 9 different versions of the album cover.

2004 - Tsumi

Now back in Paris, Edmond starts the composition of his new album "Tsumi". The first single to be released in that year is "dream multimedia single", on the 14th February. The single includes two instrumental sessions and a previously unreleased remix from the album titled "Narcisse MLE": TAKO. It also includes as a multimedia bonus a photo gallery and series of videos made in Paris, Tokyo and Agadir (where Edmond spent holidays when he came back from Tokyo).
On the 1st May his latest single is released entitled "Playboy". For the first time Edmond releases an electro-rock song, quite avant-garde for this moment in time.
This will also be the year of his first live performance in the 13th arrondissement of Paris as he releases the single "Back in Club", on 21st June. The single receives very positive feedback from the public. The song is written in three different languages; French, English and Japanese all mixed together.
Following the release of the three singles, "Tsumi" is released as a limited edition on 27th November with video CD including all the videos made and edited by Edmond during the year.

2003 - Journey in Japan
In December 2002, Edmond then leaves Paris, for a year, to live and work in. During his time there he writes most of the lyrics from his forthcoming album "Tsumi". At this point he also begins to improve and work on his voice particularly in karaoke. He also starts to learn to like new musical styles like rock/hard rock (Shiina Ringo, Hyde), r&b (Utada Hikaru, BoA). This journey will be an opportunity to immerse himself into new tendencies.

2002 - MLE Narcisse

Edmond started writing lyrics as far back as 1996. His first titles are sung adaptations from instrumental versions of the trip-hop wave (Dj Cam). He has various influences ranging from Etienne Daho, Sho Ayami; for the voice, Mylene Farmer, Robert; for the lyrics and Deee-Lite, Pet Shop Boys right through to Pizzicato Five for the music.
In 2000 he left his native West of France to study Japanese language and civilization in Paris. It's during this period that Edmond makes his debut as a singer-song writer by releasing his first album on the 20th of December 2002: MLE Narcisse (multimedia limited edition). For this album 25 limited edition copies were created and was a multimedia CD including pictures and videos. Each with its own promotional silkscreen picture.